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Lake of the Woods 3

Splash of Red again!

Splash of Red again!

For details on how this photo was shot and processed, read this post at twisted tripod.



Lake of the Woods 2

..And a splash of Pink

..And a splash of Pink

Lake of the Woods 1

Red Boats on Lake of the woods

A splash of red

Oregon- Klamath Lake

Klamath Lake in Oregon

Entering Oregon 4

The loney tree, Butte National Valley Grasslands

The loney tree, Butte National Valley Grasslands

Entering Oregon 3

Butte Valley National Grasslands

Butte Valley National Grasslands (Northern California, near the Oregon border)

Entering Oregon 2

A Farm in Oregon

A Farm in Oregon

Entering Oregon 1

Beautiful colors in Oregon

Beautiful colors in Oregon

Mt. Shasta from another angle

Mt. Shasta from another angle

Mt. Shasta on a cloudy day

Scenic route to Crater National Park from San Francisco- California

Some shots of the scenery on way to Lake of the Woods, near Crater National Park from San Francisco. Notice the predominantly yellow colors in the landscape in California..typical of California summers.

Vast tracts of land till the eye can see

Hay Bales-neatly compressed and stacked on top of each other

I wonder if someone lives in that hut like structure

The sky was a riot of clouds that day

Can you spot the horses, birds, otters, people, bears in these clouds?

Mt Shasta– look closely and you might spot a pancake stack of clouds near the top