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National Parks

Early Bird, Yellowstone National Park, July 2011

Sunrise at Yellowstone Lake and the Early Bird



Reflections in the Lily Pond- Lassen Volcanic National Park

Reflections in the Lily Pond

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Lassen National Park, May 2012

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Glimpses of the turquoise blue water of Butte lake

Atop Cinder Cone and the snow covered path to the crater bottom

View of the Snag Lake and Painted Dunes from Cinder Cone

Layers in the sand atop Cinder Cone

Panoramic view of the Butte Lake, Snag Lake and Cinder Cone

Lily Pond near Lake Manzanita

Beautiful valley surrounded by mountain peaks and overhead clouds

Sunset and the lava rocks

Butte Lake-Cinder Cone- Snag Lake Hiking Information

Things to do in Lassen National Park (and other information at the official website)