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There’s beauty in each stage of life..



World Peace


Update:  After couple of suggestions for the title in the comments, someone also suggested “World Peace” …and this title not only resonates with the pic, but is also  a (humorous) reference to the beauty contests where the perfect answer is always “World Peace” 😉

Lake of the Woods 3

Splash of Red again!

Splash of Red again!

For details on how this photo was shot and processed, read this post at twisted tripod.


Lake of the Woods 2

..And a splash of Pink

..And a splash of Pink

A Colorful Saturday Morning in Summer

I heart colors

Little things that make me happy :-)…an orange Beetle parked at just the right spot outside our apartment complex.

A couple, an arch and the Indian ocean

A couple framed under the arch of Karl Schmidt Memorial, at Elliot’s Beach, popularly known as Besant Nagar Beach in Chennai. In Dec 2009, I visited Chennai to meet some friends and we went for a stroll at the Besant Nagar Beach. It was a cool, cloudy, winter evening….a rarity in Chennai. It reminded me of the start of monsoons in Mumbai…a place which will always be close to my heart. The couple under the arch also reminded me of the countless couples one could see on most days, but especially on such beautiful, cloudy evening, at various sea-facing places in Mumbai.

At the time, I owned a simple (by today’s standards!) digital camera, a Sony-DSC W50 with 3 x optical zoom and 6 MP. This photo is actually a crop from the original one. In a future post, I would probably discuss basic editing and processing effects one could use to make even simple images look more interesting.

Is it love?
Half bounded, half limitless?

A shop selling lamps and “sheeshas” at Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Cairo

The plane, the birds and the Minar

A plane flies over Qutab Minar, Dec 2008

Rugged and bare, Rugged and pretty (Slopes!)

Lines, slopes and colors

McWay Waterfall, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Beautiful ocean on one side, Mcway Waterfall on the other

Mcway Waterfall is also referred to as “tidefall”, since it empties directly into the ocean.

..and a flock of birds in the middle…stopping by for a cool summer drink..