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A Haveli in Traditional Design in Nawalgarh- Shekhawati Region, Nawalgarh

Haveli in Navalgarh, Rajasthan



Haveli in Navalgarh, Rajasthan

Haveli in Navalgarh, Rajasthan


This was taken a few years ago, while on a visit to Pilani. Note the blue and yellow colors – that can be interpreted as either giving color to the otherwise plaid looking haveli….or ugly spots inflicted on our cultural heritage by people and system that fails to recognize the importance of preserving it!.

On a side note, I lived in Nawalgarh for the first 3-4 years of my life. Thought I had vague memories, but weirdly, even if I had any…they seem to be juxtaposed on my more recent memories. Or is it the other way round? ­čÖé

My parents were so excited that I was going to visit the place! It’s such a wonder- they live just about 4 hours from this place…can visit it any time, but would rather get nostalgic about the time they spent 30 years ago in these areas! I wonder if it’s the lack of enthu, the lack of decisive action or a need to preserve your financial resources and not spend them on fanciful trips..that stops them from visiting these places!



A moment to reflect

My cousin sister at her wedding in jan 2012. Calm, composed and bashful…totally unlike of what I was at mine!

A couple, an arch and the Indian ocean

A couple framed under the arch of┬áKarl Schmidt Memorial, at Elliot’s Beach, popularly known as┬áBesant Nagar Beach in Chennai. In Dec 2009, I visited Chennai to meet some friends and we went for a stroll at the Besant Nagar Beach. It was a cool, cloudy, winter evening….a rarity in Chennai. It reminded me of the start of monsoons in Mumbai…a place which will always be close to my heart. The couple under the arch also reminded me of the countless couples one could see on most days, but especially on such beautiful, cloudy evening, at various sea-facing places in Mumbai.

At the time, I owned a simple (by today’s standards!) digital camera, a Sony-DSC W50 with 3 x optical zoom and 6 MP. This photo is actually a crop from the original one. In a future post, I would probably discuss basic editing and processing effects one could use to make even simple images look more interesting.

Is it love?
Half bounded, half limitless?

Mustard fields in the heartland of rural Rajasthan

“Sarson ke khet” or mustard fields in rural Rajasthan, India on a late wintry morning

The plane, the birds and the Minar

A plane flies over Qutab Minar, Dec 2008