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Silhouettes in Joshua National Park

Pic taken during a bright sunny afternoon at Joshua National Park

Silhouettes Photography is an interesting way to capture different perspectives. This picture was taken during our trip to Joshua Tree National Park during a very sunny afternoon in March 2011. And as many of you would know, a bright sunny afternoon is not the best time to take good photos. There is too much detail, less focus (on the subject) and less contrast in the photos.

And most of us travel with time constraints. We cannot stay in a place for too many days, spending too many mornings or evenings for just the right light, just the right moment. Hence, one needs to learn, how to use the camera well, to make the most of what you have and what the nature offers you ­čÖé

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Pic taken during a sunny afternoon at Joshua National Park

Silhouettes let you see things in a “different” light. For tips on how to take interesting silhoutte pics, click on this picture!