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Scenic route to Crater National Park from San Francisco- California

Some shots of the scenery on way to Lake of the Woods, near Crater National Park from San Francisco. Notice the predominantly yellow colors in the landscape in California..typical of California summers.

Vast tracts of land till the eye can see

Hay Bales-neatly compressed and stacked on top of each other

I wonder if someone lives in that hut like structure

The sky was a riot of clouds that day

Can you spot the horses, birds, otters, people, bears in these clouds?

Mt Shasta– look closely and you might spot a pancake stack of clouds near the top


Mustard fields in the heartland of rural Rajasthan

“Sarson ke khet” or mustard fields in rural Rajasthan, India on a late wintry morning

Early Bird, Yellowstone National Park, July 2011

Sunrise at Yellowstone Lake and the Early Bird


Reflections in the Lily Pond- Lassen Volcanic National Park

Reflections in the Lily Pond

See more pics of Lassen Volcanic National Park in a previous post.


Rugged and bare, Rugged and pretty (Slopes!)

Lines, slopes and colors

McWay Waterfall, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Beautiful ocean on one side, Mcway Waterfall on the other

Mcway Waterfall is also referred to as “tidefall”, since it empties directly into the ocean.

..and a flock of birds in the middle…stopping by for a cool summer drink..

Bridge over Big Sur River in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park


Bridge over Big Sur River


Lassen National Park, May 2012

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Glimpses of the turquoise blue water of Butte lake

Atop Cinder Cone and the snow covered path to the crater bottom

View of the Snag Lake and Painted Dunes from Cinder Cone

Layers in the sand atop Cinder Cone

Panoramic view of the Butte Lake, Snag Lake and Cinder Cone

Lily Pond near Lake Manzanita

Beautiful valley surrounded by mountain peaks and overhead clouds

Sunset and the lava rocks

Butte Lake-Cinder Cone- Snag Lake Hiking Information

Things to do in Lassen National Park (and other information at the official website)


Shoreline Park Birds 1- Canada Geese

Shoreline Park Birds 1- Canada Geese

During an evening hike at Shoreline Park, I saw these two geese looking in the same direction in the same pose and fortunately clicked just an instant before one of them turned away..


At Half Moon Bay

The tree, the fence and the road amidst green and yellow